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Oops! What Do You Do When You Get Caught?

Imagine this: You’re in the midst of a hotter-than-hot sexy session with your lover. You are saying everything that comes to mind, but especially the naughtiest things. Maybe you’re actually “in the act” or maybe you’re just getting started. You think you’re alone…but then you suddenly realize you’re not.

You’ve been caught. You’ve been caught acting like a naughty, foul-mouthed, horny slut.

Now what?

Getting caught in the act can be one of the most embarrassing things you will ever encounter. Not only are you at a loss for words, you’re probably panting and still oh-so turned on. You might be halfway naked or completely nude. Whether you were seen doing the nasty or whether you were simply heard by someone who happened to be eavesdropping at the most inopportune time, you are now in a position where you have to make a choice – and fast.

Should you apologize? Well, that depends. Were you on someone else’s couch? Are you in someone else’s home? Then by all means, you should apologize. You can do what you want on your own free time and in your own space, but when your activities invade the space of others, it’s time to say you’re sorry.

Should you get upset? If you’ve been caught by someone who was sneaking around to catch you in a compromising position, then you should feel perfectly free to call them every name in the book. After all, this is your private time. Let’s say you were making love to your partner on the couch and the eavesdropper made a point of pressing their ear to the window to listen…that’s a good Jerry Springer episode waiting to happen!

Should you stop…or should you continue? Well, that depends entirely on how brave you are and what the situation calls for. If you are too red-faced to continue or you know the person who caught you would not appreciate it, then you should stop. But then again, if you got caught by someone who might want to join in, and you’re up for that kind of thing, then by all means…the more the merrier.

What about the aftermath? No matter how you handle the situation, there are going to be some awkward moments afterward. You might see that person the very next morning, or it might be months before you run into them at the grocery store. No matter what, the first thing on everyone’s mind is going to be sex…for better or for worse. Handle the aftermath by holding your head high, saying hello, and letting play out however they will. You can apologize for the fact that things are uncomfortable now, but don’t apologize for your sexuality. Just because you got caught in the act doesn’t mean you did anything wrong!

Unless, of course, you were cheating…but that’s a whole other blog post!

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