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Online “Dirty Talk” Spice is Nice!

You might have heard of naughty roleplaying online – it’s been quite the featured story in the news lately. Places like Second Life have taken center stage, thanks to the hookups and real-life meetings that can happen when online characters become emotionally involved with one another. Unfortunately, this has also led to a rash of real-world relationships washing up on the rocks.

Can an online persona light the fire under your offline relationship?

Playing with an online persona can be a tricky road to travel, especially if your partner is unaware of what you are doing. But if you choose to engage in online role-playing with your partner, the odds of it spicing up your sex life are very good!

A good friend of mine wanted a bit of thrill but she didn’t want to leave home to find it, if you know what I mean. So she turned to an online gaming forum, one where she could be whomever she wanted to be. Online, she could dress up in outfits she would never wear otherwise. She could flirt outrageously with other characters, using her sexy avatar as her cover. She could even get those other characters all hot and bothered with her sexy innuendo, and occasionally – when the mood was right – she could engage in a bit of cybersex with a lucky partner.

Her husband knew all about her online games, and in fact, he watched her play from time to time. The first time she had cybersex, it was by her husband’s urging. The whole situation fit into his fantasy world in a harmless way – he loved the thought of seeing his wife with others in bed, but wasn’t about to go all the way with the idea.

But seeing his wife with someone else online…well, that he could handle, especially if he was right there beside her, feeding her ideas. He reaped the benefits when she was done, and their sex life was on fire like it hadn’t been since they first met.

Playing around online can be a real thrill for your relationship. Just follow a few simple guidelines to make sure it stays “fun” and doesn’t venture into “trouble”:

– Keep your anonymity. Don’t let anyone know who you really are, where you live, or anything personal about you or your family.

– Keep your partner in the loop. Let your partner know what you are doing, and make sure he or she is okay with it. Don’t hide anything! Trust is the cornerstone of a great relationship, so don’t undermine it by doing something behind your lover’s back.

– Keep it casual. Don’t get personally involved with anyone on a role-playing site. Though a new friendship is tempting, it can turn into something more than that, and you can face even greater temptations. Keep your goal firmly in mind: To rev up your REAL WORLD sex life.

And now…go find an online forum and have a good time!

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