Online Dating Warning Signs

When you move into the world of online dating, it is important to know the online dating warning signs. All too often, those who engage in online dating give out far too much personal information, or don’t know the online dating warning signs that can tell them if someone is on the up-and-up. These warning signs can tell you if the person you are speaking with is serious about online dating, or if they are looking for something sinister.

  • They want all your contact information. When you get to know each other via online dating, patience is the name of the game. If someone asks you to meet them immediately, or wants to call you right off the bat, that’s a big warning sign. They should be taking their time and enjoy the journey.
  • Once you do reach that point of exchanging contact information, pay attention to patterns of contact. If you call them and they never answer, but instead call you back, take note. If they don’t answer the phone when they are supposedly at home, or if they have far too many rules about when you can call them, it’s a good bet they are married.
  • If they continuously ask you ridiculous questions, looking for reassurance, or hint that they are very insecure, such as making comments about jealousy, it’s time to cut your losses while you are ahead. Many people who frequent online dating sites will do so just for an ego stroke, or to make themselves feel better about whatever situation they are in. The pity party will make this kind of red flag very clear.
  • Any discussion of financial help or loaning money is a huge red flag, and that is a good indication that you should cut all ties and run fast and far! Many con men (and women) are out to get a nice chunk of money from someone they think is an easy mark, and unfortunately, they find many of them on the internet. Don’t be a statistic – keep your pocketbook far away from your online dating life.
  • If the pressure for cybersex or phone sex becomes too much, tell your online partner to back off. If they refuse, or act as though your concerns don’t matter, kick them to the curb without a moment of hesitation. There are plenty of other people out there who will respect your wishes. And remember, the way a person acts when they are online is a pretty good indication of how they will be in real life – you don’t want a push and inconsiderate lover, do you?
  • If you do choose to meet, take your time about it. Stay entirely safe by meeting in a public place, telling a friend where you are, and keeping your cell phone available at all times. Don’t go anywhere to be alone with your online date, and never take anything for granted. it’s always better to be safe than sorry!


  1. Dating online personals says

    A very good article that inform us how to detect persons who are not to be seriously entertained. They may be harmful and this article warns us to stay away from them.We must put our security first before anything else.

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