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Online Dating: Separate the Men from the Boys

If you’ve had any experience with online dating, you know that even the best profiles can bring in some looney responses. The situation is even worse if you are looking for something more than a quick fling or a one-night stand, but you keep getting emails that tell you just how hard a nameless, faceless guy wants to do you. Always, without fail, these emails come with close-up pictures of their dick.

So what is a girl to do? You’ve got to separate the serious men from the horny boys somehow. Where do you start? Here are a few ideas:

Be very clear. Make your online dating intentions clear as crystal. Not looking for a quick pick-up? Say it! Make it clear that you are looking for something more…and then when you get those annoying emails from someone who thinks you just can’t resist a roll in the anonymous hay, you can blast them with a simple, “Can’t you read?” and block them.

Don’t respond to dick shots. If someone is interested in showing you their junk right off the bat, they probably aren’t looking for a serious relationship. If you find that far too many of the shots on a particular dating site are of people wearing little clothing, maybe you’re in the wrong place?

Don’t tease. It doesn’t do any good to say you are looking for something serious, and then two hours later you are having cybersex with a complete stranger. Stand behind what you say. There are places for a quick hookup, and there are places for something more serious. Make sure you’re in the right one.

Post a “hidden” tidbit. Somewhere in your message, post a little something that a man has to do to get your attention. It could be as simple as telling them to put the word “purple” in the subject line of their email. Odd? Perhaps. But if you don’t see that word, you can delete the emails unread, knowing that the person who wrote to you didn’t care enough to actually read what you said in your profile.

Be patient. Remember that for every woman on a dating site, there are twice as many men, if not more. You will be bombarded with requests for your time. Be patient in weeding through them, and remember that you’re looking for a diamond among rhinestones…you will find it. You just have to look harder!

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