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One Easy Step To Improving Your Dirty Talk

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Talking dirty is like riding a bicycle. Even if you are out of touch with your dirty talk mojo for a while, you can always get it back rather quickly when you try out the fun with a new partner. But how do you go from riding that bicycle to roaring along on that mountain bike with the tight springs and racing tires?

Okay, bad analogy, but you probably get my drift. How do you make even the hottest dirty talk hotter? There is always room for improvement. Even if you are the ultimate dirty talker, you can still tweak your technique. Here’s how to do it — and in only one easy step.

The simple rule is this: Before you can be an excellent dirty talker, you have to be a fantastic dirty listener.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? The only problem with that is the way we’re wired. When we get nervous or worried about performance, we tend to talk too much, or to try too many things at once. We try to find something that works, even if that means a frantic search. So in our nervousness, we talk all kinds of dirty…but never really slow down to listen.

The next time you are in bed with someone and your dirty talk mojo is not clicking like it should, take a deep breath and simply shut up. Don’t talk. Just listen. Listen to what your partner says, the inflection in their voice, the words they use the most. Pay attention to what they are asking you for, not only with their words, but with their body. When you learn what they want, you will be able to provide it with your dirty talk ideas and phrases.

A very good example of this is the “cunt and pussy” taboo. Some women prefer the word pussy, some prefer cunt, some prefer neither. How do you know which woman are dealing with? You listen! What does she call those body parts? Is she into raunchy words, and loves to talk about her cunt, or does she prefer something a bit softer, and refers to it as her pussy?

You can gauge the dirty talk temperature by simply listening to what your lover says to you. Find what they like and need before you whip out the good stuff, and you will know just how far to go. After all, generic dirty talk is hot…but dirty talk that is obviously tailored to YOU and your desires is even hotter.

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