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Okay, This Is Awkward…Nobody Likes Your Partner?

When you’re in the first blush of love or lust, everything can look rosy. You might be on cloud nine and think your partner can do no wrong. So it could be a shock when your friends and family give you the news: Nobody likes your partner. In fact, everybody wishes you would kick said partner to the curb and move on to someone…well, someone they liked a bit more.

When nobody seems to like your partner, it’s time to take a step back and assess where the problem might be.

Ask yourself how well they know your partner. Have they met them on more than one occasion? Have they had the time to really talk with them and get to know them? Is there something your friend can pinpoint that makes him or her uncomfortable when they are around your beloved?

Consider the way you act. This might be a difficult thing to do, but it’s necessary. Do you act like a different person around your new partner? Are you trying to be someone you’re not? Does your partner cut you off from family and friends? If you are cutting back on the time you spent with your family and friends in order to be with your partner, they might have good reason to say they don’t like the new person in your life.

Does this happen with every partner you have? If it is a recurring problem with every relationship, you might want to take a look at your taste in partners. Do you choose people who are bad for you? Do you choose people who have terrible reputations? Some women have a thing for “bad boys” and will seek out that type, while some men seem to be attracted to women who use them to their every advantage before dumping them cold. In the search for true love, there really are some people you should stay away from!

On the other hand, look at your friends. Do you have one friend who always seems to have a problem with your partners, even if others do not? Then you might have to address the thought that your friend could be jealous and might want you all to themselves. If that is the case, it will become evident over time…and you might see that friendship fade away if you become involved in a serious relationship.

Most of all, consider your gut feeling. You know which friends and family members are looking out for your best interests. If they all say the same thing and you have a feeling they might be right, trust that intuition – and find someone more suitable for you and your life.

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