Nibble Your Way To A Night Of Passion

sexy foods

Chocolate is by far the most widely known and celebrated aphrodisiac – a food that can increase your sexual appetite. And thanks to scientific research, we now know about several more delicious foods that can be used to get your lover in the mood.

Before we get to the fun stuff, we need to take a quick look at the foods that may be getting in the way of you getting it on.

Heavy foods rich in cream or fat can send you and your lover straight to bed – passed out in a food coma! Foods that are high in sugar, salt and preservatives can also lead to a lack-luster libido.  As much as you or your lover may enjoy a hearty meal, if your goal for the evening is mind-blowing sex, you may want to avoid the belt-blowing foods.

When it comes to cocktails, the age-old wisdom holds true: enjoy in moderation. Drinking enough to put a bit of color in your cheeks should be all you need to relax and shed your inhibitions (and clothes!). Any more alcohol than that may just put you over the edge. Nothing kills the mood quicker than girls-gone-wild antics or – even worse – a visit to the porcelain goddess. So, watch your alcohol intake and make sure you know when

to say “no” so later in the evening you can be screaming “yes!”

As for the chocolate that I mentioned earlier: enjoy that in moderation as well. All you need is a taste to get your mouths watering for each other. Again – overindulging in sweets will keep you from indulging in each other.

Now, for the foods that can really kick your love making up a notch: fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and shellfish.

Yes, I know, it sounds like a grocery list from your personal trainer, but there is a reason that healthier foods increase your libido. These foods give your body what it needs to keep your heart pumping and blood flowing to all the right places.

Fruits contain antioxidants and fiber, vegetable contain important vitamins and minerals, and lean meats – again, enjoyed in moderation – can

provide you with a little protein-boost to lift your energy levels.  Don’t forget that nuts – ahem, the kind you find in the grocery store! – are another excellent source of protein.

And the rumors about oysters, it turns out, are true! They really can increase a man’s virility. Oysters contain zinc, a key mineral when it comes to testosterone production.

Pick out a few of your favorite foods from these categories, and spend a sensuous evening feeding each other bite by erotic bite. Food is a love language of its own, so the next time you want to spice things up, head to the kitchen and try making love from the lips down!

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