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Nervous About Talking Dirty? How To Calm Your Nerves

Talking dirty for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience. Remember how nervous you felt the first time you had sex? The buildup might have been the worst part – you were so worried about what you would say and how you would perform that in the end, you might have been too worried to actually enjoy yourself!

If you feel the same way about dirty talk, don’t worry. We’ve got some tips to help calm those nerves. Whether you have never talked dirty to your partner before or if you’re an old pro who is simply trying a new trick, one of these ideas is guaranteed to work for you.

Wine is your friend. Pop open that good bottle of wine and have a glass or two before the big moment arrives. The wine will ease your senses and has the added bonus of dropping your inhibitions. Don’t drink too much, though – that can ruin the mood. You want to be mentally alert for this new dirty talk adventure!

Practice makes perfect. Do you know exactly what you want to say? Great! Try saying it in different ways, and imagine different scenarios that might affect what dirty words you use. Practice in front of a mirror until you can say the words without feeling awkward.

Think logically. You might be terrified of rejection, or of your partner hating what you try out on them, but slow down and think about that for a minute: Would your partner really do that to you? The worst you can imagine is usually just that – your imagination running wild. Don’t let irrational fears keep you from trying something that will be incredible fun for the both of you!

Laugh at yourself. Expecting perfection is one of the easiest ways to undermine yourself. Be ready to laugh when things go wrong. You might expect to be the sexy seductress, and you might plan on an evening of lovemaking that makes all other nights obsolete – but then again, you might run into unexpected surprises that could ruin your evening if you let them. Be ready to laugh at the problems, chuckle at the mistakes, and most of all, embrace the fact that you are with someone who can laugh right alongside you.

Give it your all. If you have a dirty talk plan to wow your partner, don’t back out at the last minute! The biggest regrets in life stem not from what we did, but what we didn’t do. Keep that in mind when the butterflies threaten to silence your dirty talk ideas. If you want dirty talk, you shall have it – but you have to be willing to make that leap into the naughty pleasure!

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