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Naughty Tricks for Dirty Talk

In the mood for dirty talk? There are all kinds of ways to get your partner revved up for some naughty action! If you’re the chatty kind but your partner is more laid back, bring out the wild man in him by trying a few of these tips the next time your bedroom lioness wants to roar.

Talk about sex. It doesn’t matter what you talk about exactly – simply start the conversation. Maybe a magazine article about dirty talk gives you the perfect opening. “Hey, honey? What do you think about this?” is the easiest way to start the talk. When he is looking at it and interested in what you’re saying, slip a bit of tease and raunchy into your comments. “Why don’t we try that tonight?” is sure to get the wheels turning.

Tease the hell out of him – but do it outside the bedroom. Tease him at a time and place where he either can’t respond, or has to keep up his dignity. A good friend of mine loves to catch her husband right before he walks into those high-powered board meetings. When she hears that guarded tone that says other people are standing nearby, she lets loose with a barrage of naughty ideas for when he gets home. She has the satisfaction of knowing she got him hot and bothered in a room full of people, and he has the delicious desire for payback when he gets his hands on the little vixen!

Practice makes perfect. You know how long it took to perfect that one little move that is guaranteed to send him to heaven and back. Why not put that same effort into honing your dirty talk skills? Every time you start talking dirty, vary the words. Figure out what makes him tick. If he likes to hear scenarios, that will come apparent pretty quickly, and then you can vary them to meet whatever fantasy he’s feeling most horny about that night. If he likes single words used along with motions or sounds, you can do that, too. Watch his reactions and practice, practice, then practice some more!

Surprise him! One night you might be the shy woman who comes out with only a few here and there – other nights, you might take on the role of the brazen tart who speaks whatever comes to mind. You can spice it up with costumes. There’s a reason that French maid outfit is so popular, and there’s a reason so many women swear by the nurse’s uniform! Role playing with your man will lend itself to even more dirty talk, and hey – the more, the merrier.

Whatever you do to spice up the bedroom, have fun with it. You and your partner can have a rip-roaring time if you’re in the mood to try new things. Just be careful not to wake the neighbors!

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