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More Sexy Gift Ideas For Your Dirty Valentine!

Need more ideas for what to get your Valentine this year? We started out with a naughty list in yesterday’s post, and now we’re back with more unique ideas that are sure to get your lover hot and bothered! Which one of these naughty gifts will have both of you begging for more?

A dirty book. Pick out a dirty book for your lover. If you are giving a gift to a guy, get something with lots of pictures to satisfy his visual side, and then act out each and every shot. If you’re giving a gift to a woman, find something with steamy erotica and read the hottest passages to her in b

Valentine's Day

ed. It’s sure to get you both going!

A private party at the strip club. It might be the last thing they expect, which is why it’s so hot. Rent out a room in the strip club and party away, just the two of you. Keep the drinks coming and let the girls enjoy making you both squirm. You might be inspired to try new, even naughtier things if you have the right kind of stripper to show you the way, so to speak. This works especially well for long-term couples who need a bit of spice and don’t mind a bit of jealousy thrown into the mix. Hey…it’s red hot!

Sexy coupons. Are you doing Valentine’s day on a budget…and you’re keen to do your lover? Offer sexy coupons that invite your lover to choose any flavor of sexual favor for their Valentine’s Day treat. Give them several — a dozen is a good number — and let them use them anytime they want. If they can talk you into using all dozen of them in the same night, well…you’ll have to make up a few more!

Massage candles. Enjoy the thrill of a massage and the taboo feeling of candle wax on your body at the same time. Massage candles look like the real thing and smell heavenly, but they burn down to a delicious oil that is slippery on the skin. Dripping warm massage oil onto someone’s body is a sure-fire way to get the mojo moving.

Chocolate paints. Chocolates are a classic Valentine’s Day treat, so why not modernize it with chocolate body paints instead? Draw all over each other and then lick the goodies off as you heat things up. These are not the sweet chocolates of yesteryear, and you’ll both be glad for your innovative, fun idea.

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