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More On “Shock and Awe” – Taking Dirty To The Next Level!

Yesterday we talked about how to fulfill your lover’s craving for a bit of “shock and awe” dirty talk. Now we’ve got some examples for you to try out tonight!Think about what your lover likes to hear and then try some of these spicier suggestions to open up new doors in the bedroom:

If he likes the thought of being with two women, try these:

  • Blindfold him and tell him you’ve invited a friend over – and then use a “pocket pussy” to simulate the feeling of a woman on top of him while you hover over his mouth and make him get you off with his tongue.
  • Describe a scenario where you both visit a strip club, and while there, you let the hottest stripper in the place get him off while you watch.
  • Talk about what it would be like to have a parade of women in the room – and what you would instruct each one of them to do to him.

If he likes the idea of you being with a woman, try these:

  • Tell him about that time in college when you experimented with your roommate.
  • Tell him exactly what you would do if you had a woman right there, right now…and then show him how serious you are by demanding that he perform oral sex on you. Call him by a woman’s name the whole time he does it.
  • Play with that pocket pussy yourself while you ask him which one of your neighbors might be able to do the best job.

If he loves the idea of you getting it on with a variety of men, try these:

  • Use toys to simulate having sex with three men at once – and demand that he can only watch, but not touch.
  • Invite him to choose someone from a dating website who wants sex – and then have phone sex with the guy while your man listens in and takes care of you in the bedroom.
  • Describe a scenario at a fetish club where you are anyone’s slut for the taking – and he’s the one who videotapes the whole thing.

If he wants to be tied up and spanked, consider these:

  • Plan an evening where you order him around – from cleaning your dishes to licking your shoes, he does everything as your slave.
  • Invest in a nice leather whip and some soft handcuffs – then give him exactly what he wants. Make him tell you how it feels the whole time you’re doing it.
  • Describe a fantasy where you take him to a dominatrix and let her have her way with him. When he gets excited, tell him he can’t come – you are in charge, and you decide when he does!

What other naughty scenarios can you come up with to “shock and awe” your partner?

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