More on Dirty Cyber!

Last week I promised you a bit more on the dirty talk while cybersex theme, and I’m here to deliver! When you’re giving good cyber to your virtual partner, it’s always a good idea to have a scenario in mind. Some of the hottest cybersex comes from having a dirty talk scenario in your head long before you ever sit down in front of the keyboard.

What kind of scenarios might work? Consider asking a few questions of your cyber partner:

What turns you on?

What are your fetishes?

Name a deep, dark fantasy that you’ve never told anyone else.

If your partner is completely anonymous, they will be more likely to tell you the really good fantasies, the ones that they keep hidden away for fear they might be too kinky or “out there” for anyone else. Those are the fantasies you should be ready to enact online…with a healthy dose of dirty talking to keep up the heat!

Once you do decide on a scenario, lead your partner through it as though you were telling a story. Keep your sentences short and sweet and hit “enter” after each one. The idea is to keep the story moving quickly, so your partner is reading it almost as soon as you type it. Start out by describing a mental image for your partner – for instance, if you’re going to be the naughty schoolgirl, describe everything from the ribbon in your hair to the shoes on your feet. The visual image in your partner’s head will do wonders to pull them into the story!

Here’s an example of a dirty talk cyber scenario. Let’s say a partner is interested in the married woman scenario…he loves the thought of being with a married woman and giving it to her better than her husband ever could. Many men have this kind of fantasy, and if you’re going to be cybering with a man who loves the idea, here are a few suggestions on what you might say:

Do you like doing that to me?

You’re so much bigger than my husband…

You can touch me so much deeper than he can!

He never goes down on me…will you do it?

I’m going to think about you when I’m in bed with him…

Let me ride it…it’s so much bigger than what I get at home!

I feel every inch of you…

Once you hit on something that works for your partner, keep it up! Stay with the theme and play out the scenario from start to finish. Near the end don’t hesitate at all when you’re typing…keep the messages fast and furious, and you can bet things on the other side of the screen will be just as hot!

Now that you have a few ideas for cyber scenarios, ask your partner what they want to read…and be prepared to offer the naughtiest dirty talk story you can come up with!


  1. Im so into u.

  2. I have a question. Why would u want to “cyber” with someone u don’t know. It can lead to bad things. In the book I had previously read the boy (gay) met a boy online. They had cyber (it did not go to detail in the book just that they do) and so he wanted to meet. They met at a place in a different city, except he was a she, it was his eh friend who was in fact a girl. He got really mad about her butting into his personal life. I know that it was just a book, but this leads me to a message, nothing is the same as they appear. I’m not against it I just would like to know why you want to cyber. Why risk ur life to feel a slight pleasure?

  3. Ok….

  4. tried on me I need to learn how to do it

  5. Try it on me know see how

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