More Hot Dirty Text Message Examples


Tempted to leave hot dirty text messages for your lover? Why not? With these dirty text message examples, you can have them squirming in their seat, biting their lip, and looking over their shoulder before they type something naughty right back to you.

The key with sending the hottest dirty text messages is the buildup. Just sending a quick, hot message isn’t quite enough to do the trick. You need to start out with praise, compliments, and naughty thoughts, and then build to something more from there.

Here are a few dirty text message examples to get things started:

You make me horny every time I see you

I want you so bad

I can’t stop thinking about what I want to do to you

I’m so hard/wet right now

Do you have any idea what you do to me?

I want to rip your clothes off

I wonder what you taste like

Want to feel me inside you?

Your kiss tastes like the sex we had last night

Once you’ve got a few responses and you’ve built up a bit of a conversation, you can start getting more hardcore about your thoughts. Use dirty talk phrases that you know will turn your partner on. Focus on fetishes, desires, fantasies, and more. For example:

Remember my fantasy — wink wink!

I want you to go down on me

I want to suck you from head to toe

Can you touch yourself right now?

Do you want to touch yourself right now?

Guess where my hands are right this second?

Tell me how you want to get laid

Describe your pussy/dick/tits to me

Meet me at home on the bed on your knees

I can make you come right now

And then your imagination will take you to exactly where you need to beā€¦and let the dirty text message game begin!


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