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More Great Tips To Get Better Sex!

As we promised yesterday, there are many more tips to getting that hot and dirty sex — and it all starts in your head. Did you try out the first set of tips last night? If you tried one, or even thought about trying one, kudos to you! You’re on the right track to getting better sex.

Now, without further ado, even more tips to getting “in your head” to get in the mood:

Do the usual, but do it with a naughty twist. Cook dinner like you do every night — but this time, wear an apron and nothing else. Eat dinner by candlelight, and make sure you’re both naked while you do it. There’s no faster way to make a man forget that meatloaf than your two perky nipples staring at him over the plates!

Forget about performance in the bedroom. Does the goal always have to be an orgasm? Does the finish have to be a big, panting spectacle? Learn to have sex without reaching the finish line. Hours of foreplay, until you are both tired and simply drift off to sleep, will help clear your mind — and you will be more than ready to hit that big finish the next morning.

Give yourself permission to let go. Mulit-tasking often means over-achieving, and over-achieving can often mean you have everything under control. But what toll does that take? Give yourself permission to let something go. It might be leaving the dinner dishes in the sink, or letting the laundry wait another day. Don’t fret about it and strive for perfection — look at it as making more time for lovemaking instead.

Cultivate a positive body image. What will it take to make you more confident about your body? Often our minds wander when we’re in bed because we’re worried about how we look. Does that five extra pounds show? Does he notice that little scar? Do you measure up to the porn stars he likes to watch? Those little questions can undermine your positive outlook. Make a point of focusing on the beautiful parts of your body — your lovely breasts, your thick hair, your winning smile, your sexy moves. Dance in front of the mirror when no one is watching, pamper yourself in a long bath, and do all the other things you need to do to feel more confident. It makes a difference when it’s time to fall into your lover’s arms!

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