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Married Bliss: How To Talk Dirty To Your Husband

If you’ve been married for a long time, you know that there will be “dry spells” throughout your married life. There will be times when sex becomes dull and boring, and that’s when you start thinking about spice and naughtier things! When one of those dry spells comes calling, one of the first things to go out the window is the dirty talk naughtiness you and your husband love so much.

How can you bring it back with an added element of spice? It’s important to your long-term relationship to keep the dirty talk flowing and the sex hot. Here are a few ways to get back on track before you find yourself going too far off the rails!

Plan your alone time. It seems very unromantic, but as with anything else in life these days, schedules rule the world – and, unfortunately, your sex life. Make a date for a sexual tryst with your husband somewhere other than your usual meeting spot. If you can make it to a hotel for an evening and let your wild vixen out there, do it! If you can’t make it out of the house, choose a room other than your bedroom. Somewhere that hasn’t been christened with a sexual romp yet is a good bet. You can even make a list of rooms that need some sexual healing and check them off, one by one.

Ramp up the dirty talk. Don’t go with the same old scenarios. One of the best tricks I ever pulled on my husband was walking in the bedroom door wearing a very short, skimpy dress and six-inch “fuck me” heels. I slowly crawled onto the bed and told him he had “paid” for my services…what exactly did he want? I used every filthy phrase I could think of, and it didn’t take long before the shock wore off and he started responding like the “John” he was supposed to be. Acting the part of the hooker sent his desire through the roof – and those heels stayed on the whole time!

Don’t hesitate to step out of the comfort zone to make the naughtiness happen. Your husband will love seeing a new side of you, and trust me, unleashing it feels heavenly.

Educate each other. Remember when you were just learning about each other and the sexual ways of the world? Go back there with the internet. Take the laptop into bed with you and surf porn sites, look at erotic message boards, and read naughty stories out loud to each other. Talk about what turns you on, and recognize that over time, tastes and fetishes change…what you liked ten years ago might not trip your trigger anymore, and the same goes for your husband. Once you open the doors to exploration, you just might start acting like newlyweds again – and as any married couple knows, this is a VERY good thing!

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