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Male Anatomy 101: Three Hot Erogenous Zones

A lot of your success as a lover comes from being able to observe and respond to your partner’s emotional and physical desires. And while each new lover is a new adventure in discovering those desires, a better understanding of male anatomy can take you a long way to becoming a real sexpert.

The books we learned from in school only covered the basic functions of male genitalia: urination and ejaculation. While the basics are good to know, they really don’t prepare you for your first encounter with the real thing.

So, today we are going to take a closer look at three key places in the male genitalia and discover some of the more sensitive areas that, when properly stimulated, can lead to some mind-blowing sex!

We’ll start at the top. The head of the penis (the part your lover may refer to as the “soldier’s helmet”) is called the glans. This is the most sensitive part of your lover’s penis, so handle with care. Some guys find that too much stimulation of that one area may hurry things along too quickly. Sometimes, too much stimulation can even be painful! Make sure you take cues from your lover to know what amount of touch is right.

Another spot near the head that I’ve had great success with over the years is located on the under-side of the penis, where the glans meets the shaft. Stimulating the area where those two meet has never failed to elicit groans of pleasure from my partners. When performing oral on your lover, make sure to revisit this area often with your tongue, and see what sort of reaction you get!

The second obvious but often overlooked area of sensitivity hangs right below the shaft of the penis: yes, the testicles. A lot of women are apprehensive about fondling their lover’s testicles for fear of doing damage to such a sensitive area. Well, as long as you don’t  turn into a human vice-grip, your caresses will bring far more pleasure than pain! Using your hands – or your mouth – to stimulate this area while also stimulating his glans can send shivers of pure ecstasy through your lover. And if he’s willing to experiment a bit, see if he’ll shave down for you, so you can really go to town without worrying about coughing up a hair later on.

The final spot we’ll be exploring is the perineum. This is the area between his testicles and his anus. Stroking this area with one or two fingers, or even simply applying some gentle pressure, can push your lover right over the edge. I use this spot when giving oral to help move things along if my jaw is starting to go numb. Hey, it’s not cheating if it results in mind-numbing pleasure!

Making good use of these three erogenous zones will make you a more skilled lover, and hopefully urge him to step up his game, too!


  1. thank you for that most appreciated information about licking that spot inbetween the balls and under the balls also stimulating the anus. Im pretty knowledgeable on how to give great blow job, but i wasnt sure if i was doing the anus thing correct or if i was stimulating the balls by licking n sucking in the right places. But im gona add that to my routine thank you soo much….

  2. Also I don’t think enough detail is given on this sites pages.

  3. What I do with these three areas is:
    Suck on the head and about 1/2 an inch more, while it is in your mouth try to lick that underside where the shaft and head meet. Drives guys wild.
    If you want to properly stimulate the balls with your mouth, definately push for that guy to shave. Not having to stop every once in a while to pick pubic hair off your tongue makes things go a lot smoother. What you can do (based on his size) is try to get both of his balls in your mouth at once. If you can’t then suck on each. Try different things. I’ve found that on different days my guy likes different stimulation. Some days he wil cum from hard sucking on them, others a rough licking on one side, others still he really likes when I ignore both his balls and actually suck on the hard area in between them. Cause that is actually a part of the penis. So when you suck on that your sucking on his cock really. Just feel for the ridge when you push down with your tongue between them.
    Lastly the perineum. This area is directly under the balls. If he likes his anus played with you can easily stimulate it and his anus with your hand while you go down on him. But what you can do is every once in a while take a moment to lick right under his balls in that first inch or so below is where that is most sensitive. You can flick you tongue over it and get moans on pleasure. The close a guy is to cuming the more sensitive that spot is.

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