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Making Safe Sex A Little Sexier

From the time you were old enough to even think about being sexually active, you were bombarded with messages about safe sex. It’s one of those universal things that you know you should do, and you hope everybody does, because that makes the world…well, a safer place. At least, it makes all the bedrooms across the world a safer place!

But safe sex can be decidedly unsexy. Using condoms, dental dams, and the like can cramp your style, especially if you are the truly adventurous type. Here are a few ways to make safe sex a sexy thing to do.

Do it…and do it every time. The more safe sex you have, the more of a non-issue it becomes. Remember the first time you used a condom? You were probably nervous and embarrassed about it — but with time, it became something that was simply a necessity. Nothing more, nothing less. So don’t forget to carry the condom with you, and use it. Every single time.

Make it sexy. Unroll the condom and place it on the head of his dick…and then roll it down his shaft with your lips. A guy might hate wearing a condom, but he loves getting a blow job, and you’ve just killed two birds with one stone.

Make a joke. Laugh about the condom wrapper, grin as you rip it open, make a comment about how you’re not sure the damn thing is going to fit! When you laugh about it, the safe sex issue becomes a nice memory instead of an awkward moment. Show him that you don’t care about the condom…all you want is what it’s wrapping up.

Bring your own. Don’t make the guy shoulder the burden…it’s your health! In a perfect situation, he would bring condoms, and so would you. Then you could have a good-natured argument about whose condom would be the best to use. And here’s a news flash: A woman who brings her own sexual protection is a flat-out SEXY chick.

Go novelty. Want to make being responsible about condoms and safe sex easier? Get a novelty condom. Most men won’t mind wearing a condom that has a small vibrator attached to it. They also won’t mind a condom with ridges, ribs, studs, or anything else that might enhance your pleasure. Go for fun with glow-in-the-dark or paisley colors, or opt for flavored condoms.

Most of all…have fun, and stay safe!

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