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Making Long Distance Work

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A couple nights before your sweetie is due to take a job in another state; the two of you sit down and have a long talk.  Once you both have decided you can’t be without each other, try these tips to make the separation easier for both of you.

Most importantly, try to think rationally and positively about the situation. What is crucial to remember about a long distance relationship is that it is not going to last forever.  Remember that you two will be able to be together again.  Visiting each other is and very much encouraged, especially if you want some really good sex!  It is naturally going to be difficult at first, but making plans to visit one another every few weeks will give both of you something to look forward to and it will break up the time you both are apart.

Now, the fun part: bringing those sexy phone calls to life by visiting each other.  When you are visiting, give your lover a reason to put up with hard, lonely nights.  Purchase sexy lingerie and put on a sexy strip tease, then give them something they’ll remember long after you’ve gone back home such as a new adult toy to play with (i.e. A cock ring or fancy vibrator).  Spice up the trip by shagging in public or at their work… wherever you have to, to make sure you both are connected emotionally and physically.  Fourth of July fireworks will pale in comparison to the sex you two will have after not seeing each other for a while!

The last tip I will share with you is to communicate.  This may seem broad and obvious but it is important to remember that you both love and care about each other. Invest in a decent webcam so you can see one another’s face.  You two can also use Skype to talk to each other (This is free but you still need a webcam to use it).   Just because you are physically apart doesn’t mean you have to be emotionally apart. Support each other, listen to each other and be a positive reinforcement if your lover if they are having a hard time dealing with the distance.

Remember, love conquers all and with  amazing sex, strong communication and a positive attitude and you two can and will make it long distance.

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