Making Adult Fantasies Become Reality

I’ve always thought it would be fun to bring an extra girl into the bedroom, but how do I bring this up with my partner?

Depending on how passionate and intense your  fantasy is, it is important to approach your partner correctly. Simple adult fantasies like playing with whip cream and cherries can usually go over well without too much discussion, but kinkier fantasies such as threesomes, using certain toys or playing out childhood memories about daddy may require a sexy sit down with your partner to gauge how they would feel about it.

For kinkier fantasies just talking about it can be foreplay. Try lying next to each other naked in bed, not touching each other, and tell one another your fantasies. Ease into it by asking sexy questions like, “what’s something you’ve always wanted to try?” or “you know what I think would be sexy?” It will get both of your imaginations going and even if you don’t end up fulfilling a fantasy that night, the sex will be hot and steamy since you are both worked up and feeling sexy.

Just talking about fantasies can be fun, but fulfilling those fantasies can be mind blowing. When you want to make it happen, start with initiating one of your partners fantasies (good sex always starts with making your partner feel sexy and giving them what they desire). If your girlfriend said she has always wanted to have sex in public, the next time you’re at a park start fondling her and whisper in her ear, “I want to make your fantasy come true.” Get her so turned on she can’t resist you. If your partner is shy you may have to be the initiator, but make sure your partner is comfortable. If your partner is a little more wild, then you should be acting out your adult fantasies already!

The most important thing to remember when bringing your partner into your fantasy world is to make the invitation playful, comfortable and sexy. Be open with your partner and have fun, enjoy it! The more open you are able to be with your partner about sex and fantasies, the spicier the sex life you two will have.


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