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Look, Baby…It’s All In The Hands!

A mind-blowing orgasm doesn’t have to include every position you can imagine and every trick in the book. Actually, it’s easy to take a man to the heights of pleasure with just two elements…your dirty mouth and your oh-so-dirty hands.

Don’t think it can be done? Try a few of these dirty techniques and then bask in the glory as your man whimpers and moans something that sounds like “Wow!”

Use lots of lube. It can’t be said enough…lube is slippery, makes everything slide, and that’s very important when you’re planning on a long session of hands-on sex. Choose a thin, light lube that will enhance every sensation. Make sure it’s the kind of lube you would like to taste, because while you might be “just hands” this time, next time you might decide to throw in a little oral action, too.

Vary your touch – experiment! Now is the time to play. Ask your lover to lie back and let you learn what he really likes. As you stroke him, vary your speed and pressure, watching his face to gauge his reaction. It won’t take long before you learn where his hot spots are, and what kind of pace trips his trigger. Anything you do is probably going to feel good…your goal is to figure out what feels best.

Try the “Continuous Stroke.” An interesting trick is the continuous stroke. It’s easiest to do if you are seated behind him, reaching around, or sitting in front of him. Use both hands to stroke him in one continuous motion. Starting at the base of his penis, wrap the fingers of one hand around him and gently stroke upward. As soon as you reach the top, your other hand should be ready to start the upward motion in the same fashion. The result? You’re continuously stroking upward, and it feels like heaven!

Give him a visual. Men are very visual creatures, and they love to see the “fruits” of their labor, so to speak. While you’re getting him off, position yourself so that he can see your cleavage or whatever body part he loves the most. Talk to him in your dirtiest words about where you’re going to make him come, and what it’s going to look like when he does it.

Know when to ramp up the pressure. When your lover is about to come, place your thumb over the head of his penis, and squeeze the base of his shaft with your fingers. This will stop the blood flow to his penis, but will also prolong the orgasmic sensation. When you let go, he will come harder.

Most importantly: The entire time you are showing him just how talented your hands are, talk dirty to the man. The hotter the talk, the hotter the orgasm will be!

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