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Let Your Music Do The Dirty Talking

Do you like some sex with your music? If you’re a true music lover like I am, you have a particular song or two ready for any occasion. Some of the hottest sexual encounters can easily be associated with a song that got your libido racing.

For me, one of the hottest moments was sparked by going through my ex-boyfriend’s CD collection several years ago. I found an unmarked CD that looked mysterious, so I put it into the player. Immediately the deepest, sultriest base note filled the room.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Sex music,” he said.

My mouth had already begun to water. “Who is it?”

“Voodoo,” he said. “By Godsmack.”

Believe it or not, I had never heard of Godsmack, and the only Voodoo I knew of was the black magic of lore. But before that song was halfway over we were on the floor together, our clothes discarded, going at it like two animals in heat. By the time the next song came on – something by the Red Hot Chili Peppers – I was completely hooked on sex music.

Sex music doesn’t have to have a theme. It doesn’t even have to be a certain genre. I’ve heard sex music in rock, rap, hip-hop, and even country. I’ve listened to slow sex music in jazz bars and heard it played in blues clubs. Sex music is all about how a particular song makes you feel, what it does for your partner, and how you move to the beat. It’s like dancing in a crowded club – you get turned on, don’t you? The motion, the bodies, and the sound all come together to create something sexy as hell. That’s why clubs are so popular for hooking up – you know you’re going to be turned on to begin with!

But there are some basics to choosing sex music to include on your homemade CD. Here are a few tips:

Rock it steady. Choose songs that have the same kind of beat. Don’t jump from a fast rocker to a slow love song. You can, however, change the tempo in accordance with the way you hope things will go. For example, a slow build-up with the first song, a harder rocking song after that, then get into the heavy, throbbing sounds. When you get there, which should be no more than two or three songs in, keep the beat steady until near the end of the mix. You want to have something that keeps the fire high until you’ve reached the climax.

Then the cool-down period comes…and that’s when you can add a few slow yet sexy songs.

Think about what your partner likes. Are they turned on by hip-hop music? Have they said how much they hate rap? Plan accordingly. You can find sexy music in any genre as long as you are willing to take the time to search for it.

Let the music lead you. Simply close your eyes, listen to the music, and let it guide what your hands and body do. You might be amazed at how easy it is to slip into the groove when you simply give up conscious thought and let the music – and your lover’s body – be your guide.

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Confident, fun, well-rounded and sexy. Those are words that describe author Denise Brienne, a thirty-something woman who has a knack for giving the best advice to those who want to spice up their intimate relationships.

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