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Keeping The Long Distance Relationship Magic

It has always been said, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Tell that to the long-distance relationship couple.

Your company just moved you 800 miles away from your home. You didn’t want to leave but you’d be damned if you lost the job of your dreams…especially in this economy. Your wonderful loving partner of four years cannot move with as they have a life of their own at home. They can’t afford to lose their job, friends and family life just to please you and you wouldn’t expect them to.

Quite the conundrum.

Do you break it off completely? Or do you slowly torture yourselves through a resolution and make things work?

Nothing is as hard to maintain as a long distance relationship. The worrying, the missed phone calls, the long mushy e-mails, the spying on Facebook, the yearning, etc… It all gets to be a bit much for a couple to carry. But if you do decide to try to fight your way through these weary times, here are a few tips.

Believe in the Skype – Oh my, how far technology has taken us. Remember the day when we used to marvel at the fact of talking to someone via videophone? Well that day is here. Get onto Skype or invest in a readily equipped iPhone. It’s nice to see your loved one on the other side. Watching them move the way they would if you were have coffee in person. The smile; the quirky gestures. And phone sex can be that much more graphic.

Don’t Overindulge – Just like most anything else in life, everything in moderation. Try not to suffocate each other. Technology is helpful, but remember; it is an aide, not a crutch. If you find yourselves texting, calling or Skyping each other every other minute, your relationship will feel forced and artificial. Let each other breath, and trust one another just as you would want to be trusted.

Try the Human Touch – Though you can’t touch one another physically, you can however buy cards and write in them with YOUR OWN HANDWRITING. You can spray them with your cologne/perfume. Don’t let technology get all the credit. Use the post office. Nothing says “I was thinking of you” more than a hand delivered gift.

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