Keeping it Strong Across the Miles

maintaining long distance relationshipYou know that old saying about how distance makes the heart grow fonder? Well, it’s true – if you know how to keep the distance hot and spicy!

Revving up a relationship over the miles can be tough. Sometimes it seems as though geography, times zones, and a million other necessary annoyances are conspiring against you and your beloved. It might seem difficult to keep the home fires burning while your lover is away, but with our saucy tips, you can keep the heat raging!

Tell him in a letter. Sending a steamy email is good if you want an immediate effect. If you want something that will warm his heart as well as his body, go the old-fashioned route and invest in some pretty stationery. Be sure to seal it with a kiss – make sure to wear your brightest lipstick and make a pretty pout! – and spritz a bit of your perfume on the edges of the paper before you tuck it into the envelope.

Give him a naughty call. Wait until you know he won’t answer the phone – perhaps you might call in the middle of the night when you know his phone is on “silent” bu this voice mail is active. Leave a naughty message! Fill up the time you have on the voice mail with your dirty fantasies. You could leave him a message every night, each one of them a little steamier than the last. Give him something to look forward to when he wakes up!

Speaking of a wake-up call, why not make it live? Catch him first thing in the morning, when he’s still fuzzy from sleep. Hop into bed with your vibrator or other favorite toy, your naughty thoughts and your phone. Let him listen to you as you wake him up in the naughtiest of ways!

Send him something unexpected. A bouquet of flowers with a naughty card, perhaps? Or a pair of silk boxers wrapped around a bottle of lube with instructions on just how to use the slippery stuff? Perhaps send him a video of yourself masturbating to his favorite fantasy – but if you do that, make sure you insure the package and put a delivery confirmation on it – just in case!

Meet for a “date” on a chat room. Flirt among all the other messengers there, and when it gets too hot to handle, take it to a “private” room. Talk your beloved through a great orgasm by employing all of your dirty talk education, and make a regular date out of your sexy meetings!

Keep the fires burning across the miles with our handy tips, and by the time you are in your beloved’s arms again, you will be ready to burn up the sheets!

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