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Just How Many Beans Should You Spill?

Come on, admit it – who doesn’t like a good session of kiss-and-tell with their friends? Sometimes you want to reveal just enough about your sex life to make your friends oooh and aaaah with envy. There’s something so gratifying about announcing that yes, you have a great sex life…and your partner is completely desirable…and you are one lucky lover!

But there are certain things you probably shouldn’t reveal, even to your best friends. Which of those juicy details could cause trouble – and possibly even serious heartbreak?

What You’ve Agreed is Private. If you and your partner have agreed that something is private, to stay just between the two of you, keep it that way. Don’t tempt fate by whispering a little secret into your friend’s ear and then risking the chance that it might get out. You can probably trust your friend, but consider what might happen if they have had too much to drink one night, or the two of you have a falling out. Anything you’ve said is then fair game…so if you want to keep it truly private, don’t say anything at all.

The Serious Kink. Don’t tell your friends about the kinkiest things you and your lover have done. Why? You might wind up making your friend uncomfortable, no matter how open-minded they are. Kink means different things to different people, and you can’t be sure how far your friend’s boundaries go…or don’t go, as the case may be.

Hidden Attractions. If your lover has ever commented that your best friend is hot, don’t mention it. Period. The reasons are pretty obvious, aren’t they?

History of Infidelities. If your lover has a history of infidelities, don’t give your friend the details. There are just some things that shouldn’t be shared, but beyond that, what if your friend decides to make a play for your lover? It might seem impossible now, but ask the multitudes of people whose lovers have cheated on them with their best friends, and you will see how prevalent it can be. If your unscrupulous friend knows your lover is not entirely true to you, they might see an opening…and who wants to invite trouble?

Biggest Turn-Ons. In the same vein, you probably don’t want to give anyone ammunition that might turn your lover’s eyes away from you. It stands to reason that your friends will probably be attracted to your partner – after all, you’ve got a lot in common, including your likes and dislikes! – so don’t talk about the little tricks that turn your lover on the most. Keep those to yourself and enjoy your little secret: that you might spill the beans from time to time, but you are the only one who truly knows how to turn your hot lover on!

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