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It’s All About The “Love” – Even When It’s Not!

So you’re going to bed with someone, and you don’t know where to begin with the dirty talk. You might think that throwing out something raunchy and gauging their reaction would be a good way to start, but are you really sure that’s the way to go? Test the water first with something a little bit more intimate.

How about a little love?

Oh, but it’s not what you think! We’re not talking about popping off the L word and seeing where things go. No one in their right mind would do that, and besides, you don’t want to freak your lover out before the fun really begins, do you?

We’re talking about the very simple technique that anyone can use to make their dirty talk hotter. It’s the best way to test the waters and make sure that your new lover won’t be offended by your dirty banter. It’s the “I love” game.

I love it when you touch me there.
I love that thing you just did!
I love what you did with your hands!
I love that cock. It’s gorgeous.
I love the way your eyes look when you are turned on.
I love making you come.
I love the way you fuck me.
I love the way you groan when I suck you like this.

Get the picture? I love this…I love that…I love it all! By telling your partner what you love about their sexual technique, you open the doors to two things: First, to fantastic compliments that will make them feel even hotter, and will make your sex even better. And secondly, you are telling them what you like, and offering up some light dirty talk. They can then take the reins and move further with the dirty talk if they want to, and that makes it easy for you to gauge just how far you can go.

So don’t hesitate to break out the L word, even with your one-night stand or perfect stranger. You never know where it might lead!

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