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Is Your Naughty Dirty Talk Fantasy Normal?

Many people wonder if their fantasies are normal, or something that many other members of the population share. But how can you possibly know? Many people keep their fantasies close to the vest, and never speak of them in polite company. Even when you find someone who is willing and open to talking about their fantasies, how do you know that you’re really getting the full picture? After all, someone who is open to talking about it might be saying what you want to hear, or what they think you want to hear…right?

But over time, some fantasies have become more mainstream, and a few more obvious ones have risen to the top of the fantasy pile. How can you tell if your more kinky fantasies are “normal” or really, really “out there”?

You want to be spanked. Many people have a spanking fantasy or fetish. For some, it stems from issues in their childhood that have gone unresolved. But for many, many others, the spanking fantasy is one of control and punishment. They love the thought of being naughty and then paying the price for their overt flouncing of the rules. The spanking partner might love the thought of doling out a fun punishment that enhances a roleplaying game, or maybe they just love the feeling of a warm, freshly-spanked ass.

You want to be gang-banged. Multiple partners has been a big fantasy of many people over the years. Why do you think threesomes are so popular? The need to be gang-banged by multiple men (or women) might have many reasons behind it, but the more obvious and popular is the desire to take or give as much pleasure as possible.

You want to give up control. Those who are always in control, especially those in high-powered jobs of situations, need a break from the constant need to perform. Giving up control, whether it be by letting themselves be tied up, following commands and orders, or giving themselves over to the psychological bonds of BDSM, those who want to give up control don’t so much see it as an option as a necessity.

You want to be humiliated. Taking the control fantasy a step further, those who want to be humiliated in front of other people, or simply in front of their partner, are ready for a more advanced step into the world of BDSM. Many people desire this; in fact, there is an entire underground movement devoted to the “slave” sex that so many people desire. As time goes on, the kinkier areas of the movement are becoming more mainstream, if not more accepted by society as a whole.

You want to get rough. The need to get rough and enjoy that hard, pounding sex that you crave is one of the most popular fantasies that both men and women share. Sex is not always wine and roses, and does not always have to be romantic — in fact, many people prefer a good, rough tumble that delights all of the senses and allows you to release some aggression while pleasing someone else at the same time.

So…are you normal? Do you have some fantasies you want to discuss? Let us know!

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