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Is Your Dirty Sexual Talk Naughty Enough?

Much can be said for taking it slow and easy the first time you venture into the dirty talk waters, but how do you know when the moment is right to ramp things up to a hotter setting? It can be a risky gamble, especially if you are dealing with someone who is new to dirty talk and a bit timid about asking for what they want. But there is a way to gauge whether your dirty talk is turning them on or turning them away from you.

Starting out slow is always a good thing, so let’s assume that’s what you have done. Now you’re on the cusp of the hottest stuff, such as the ultimate fantasies and the words that make you shiver when you say them. Here are a few tips to making certain you are on the right track:

Research! Now is the time to figure out what turns your partner on the most, and how to capitalize on it. If they are simply too hot to think, they will be more likely to accept the dirty talk that comes out of your mouth. For instance, if she’s dying for you to come inside her and is begging almost incoherently for it, you have the perfect opportunity to amp it up:

I’m gonna spew that hot spooge into your whore cunt and suck it out when I’m done.

You like it when your tunnel gets filled up with that baby-making cream, don’t you?

I’m going to fuck your hole until you come and then I’m going to shoot my thick load into your pussy and then you’re going to suck it all off me and get me hard so I can fuck your ass. Aren’t you?

If you’re still not sure how far you can go, let someone else say it for you. Try out a dirty book, one that has hardcore filthy passages, such as the Beauty series from Anne Rice. Pick out something that you know turns your lover on and then read it to them in bed. Since those words are not your own, you can pay close attention to the slightest changes in your partner, such as the tiny flinch when they hear a word they don’t like, or the panting thrill when you hit on a word they enjoy.

If you realize that your naughty partner wants to hear even harder dirty talk than what you are dishing up, it’s time to hit the internet in search of something better. Check out our list of 101 Hardcore Dirty Talk Phrases to get the naughty conversation started!

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