Introduce Fantasy Role Playing The Right Way

Fantasy Role Playing

If you are new to the world of fantasy role playing in sex you may have some questions about how to get started. After all discussing it in detail with your partner may take away some of the spontaneity.

Fantasies are healthy and when shared with your lover either verbally or through fantasy role play can bring you closer as a couple and steam up your sex life as well. The more open and sharing each partner is, and how spontaneous and quick to step into a role they are the better the fantasy role playing will be.

So while you don’t want to discuss the finer details of your role playing plans it is usually a good idea to mention some fantasies and see if your partner is open to that sort of bedroom behavior. Initially you may have to do some planning and preparing for fantasy role playing on your own to introduce it to your lover.

  1. Decide what fantasy role you want to play. Think about your fantasies and figure out how to make them come true.
  2. Set the stage- take care of creating the atmosphere, your costume and any props you can imagine needing.  Once you have everything in place (preferably while your lover is gone) you have set the stage.
  3. Make a phone call- Give your partner a call and tell him you have a surprise waiting for him.
  4. Greet him at the door and lead him to your “stage” whether it is your bedroom, the bathroom or the kitchen counter. He’ll see quickly enough what is up.
  5. If you are playing a character don’t break character. Be bold, brash, and sassy or demure, shy and innocent. Trust me he’ll fall right into his own character once you set the tone. You may be surprised when your mild mannered man turns into a demanding and dominating lover, or vice versa.
  6. Afterward let him know that the next fantasy scene is up to him.

Once you get in the habit of surprising each other with set stages, you’ll find that you each have favorite personalities or characters which will emerge during regular dirty talking sex to add the aspect of fantasy role play without the need for props or stage setting.

Before you know it your lover will be sending you sexy texts of what he wants to do to his harem girl when he gets home, or a dirty email filled with details of what the teacher wants the student to do to him. There is no limit to how much fun and excitement you can create together when you indulge in your hottest role playing fantasies. This is a great way to spice up your sex life and introduce new and fun things into your bedroom play.

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