I Don’t Know What You Said…But I Liked It!

couple having a romantic dinnerIf you’re not into the hard-core dirty talk, there’s still plenty for you to experiment with and bring into the bedroom. Are you more of the romantic kind, the one who likes wine and roses? Is your partner the same way? Would you rather make out for hours on end than remake the latest porn film?

If so, do I have the dirty talk idea for you!

Learn a new language. That’s right — not just the dirty talk vocabulary you’ve been working on, but a bona fide new set of words! The French language is the language of love, and for good reason: It sounds sweet and rich when it rolls off your tongue. Italian can be romantic, too. Any language can make your lover shiver, as long as you say it in such a way that makes him believe you’re the sultriest woman on the planet — in ANY language!

Pick up a few lessons on tape and listen to them in the car when your partner is not around. Make a point of a couple hugging and laughing with each otherpaying attention to the “love” phrases. What would you say to your partner to tell him how much you love him and how deeply he turns you on? Figure out how to say those words in your chosen language, and the next time you’re in bed together, show off your new skill.

Don’t tell him what you’re saying, though. Make him figure it out! Part of the sexiness of a different language is the fact that he doesn’t know what you’re saying — but it’s a sure bet that he’s going to enjoy it!


  1. Kamadeba Das says

    I am interested to listen dirty talk loke , we want to fuck your cunt and ass from both sides with our huge dicks etc

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