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How To Write Your Own Dirty Story

From time to time we’ve suggested writing your own dirty story as a way of turning your partner on and spurring the dirty talk fun. But what if you don’t quite know where to start? This little guide might help, so read on!

Writing an erotic story for your partner is a very personal thing. You’re putting your fantasies, emotions, and personal flair into the tale. You are the one choosing the scenario, the words, and the ending, in the hopes that it will be pleasing to the person you’re going to bed with. When you look at it that way, writing an erotic story is much more than just putting a few paragraphs together and calling it done!

When you are preparing that erotic story for your lover, take some time to think about the following questions:

What does your lover enjoy? That might seem like an easy answer, but take some time to think about it. What has your lover mentioned from time to time but never acted out? What fantasy has your lover shared with you in the heat of passion? What fantasy do you know appeals to them, but they would never pursue it because it could mean problems for your relationship? For example, a man might have a recurring fantasy about sleeping with a stranger, but if he’s taken a vow to be loyal to you, it’s obviously not something he’s going to pursue!

Which ones do you want to write about? Make those fantasies a reality on paper. Choose one that suits what you like, too. Writing about something that turns you off will come through in your words, and the passion won’t be there between the lines. You have to write about something that appeals to you or the story won’t appeal to your partner.

Be yourself when you write! It might be tempting to look up erotic stories and then write your own story using what you found as a guide – and that’s fine, as long as your personality still shines through. The best thing to do is read a few stories about the particular fantasy or fetish you are planning to write about, then take your laptop or pen and paper to a quiet room and write something that is entirely your own. Your partner will love it even more if the words are very obviously yours, in your own style.

Read it aloud when you’re done. Grammar and spelling aren’t perfect? So what! The point is a story that flows well, that sounds smooth and easy when you read it aloud, and is filled with enough naughty words to turn your lover on. If anything sounds awkward as you read it aloud, rewrite that part and then try reading it again.

It might take a few drafts before you have the story the way you want it. Once you’re done, congratulate yourself! Then start planning how you’re going to read it to your lover. When it comes to writing an erotic story, the writing is only the beginning – the fun part is yet to come – literally!

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