How To Talk Dirty…In Public!

kissing in the parkTalking dirty in public is one of the hottest things you can do for your partner. Why? When you’re in a public place, society demands that you project a certain air of decorum. There are certain things that most people believe should never be done or said in public – that’s why you can get arrested for public sex or indecent exposure.

When you talk dirty in public, you are flaunting the rules…and your lover will find that little rogue in you quite sexy, indeed!

How do you pull it off without embarrassing yourself? The point of talking dirty in public is to get your partner hot and bothered without anyone else being the wiser. Whispering naughty things into his ear at just the right time will make him blush like mad and perhaps even have to hide the way his body is reacting to your comments.

That’s what you want to happen – so how do you get there?

Talking dirty in public doesn’t have to mean leaning over to whisper something naughty into your lover’s ear while the whole world is watching. You can talk dirty in subtle ways, and you can even do it when everyone is listening – but only your partner will know what you really mean!

Here’s an example: You and your lover are at a friend’s party. It just so happens that last night, you and your partner experimented with a bit of bondage – you tied him to the bed and did wicked things to his body, all of which he loved. When someone casually asks if you caught the late show on television, you can make the sly comment: “No, we didn’t – we were all tied up with something else.”

Nobody else knows what “tied up” means…but your lover sure does!You’ve just made it clear to him that you’re thinking about sex and what you did last night, and now he’s thinking about it, too. You just talked dirty to your partner in public!

The key to talking dirty in public is finding those little things that your partner understands, but that no one else would catch. The tiniest innuendo between lovers can spark a whole evening of playful fun. Let’s say you’re at an event that features a fireworks display…you can make comments on how those fireworks “shoot like a cannon” and ask your lover if he thinks they will be “loud” when they “blow.” With those words and a very pointed, sultry look, you’ve just made him equate fireworks with being loud in bed…not a bad way to get the evening started, huh?

Think about the things that you and your lover do together and the comments that will make him think about getting between the sheets. Then use those things to your advantage when you’re out and about.

You can even prime him for it by whispering into his ear, “I’m going to talk dirty to you all night long…how many naughty things can you catch?” This leads him into an intimate game, and sure enough, he will hang on your every word!

When you do get home, well…how you make good on all that naughty talk is entirely up to you.

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