How to Talk Dirty to a Woman

Do you believe that how to talk dirty to a woman includes soft, flowery language designed for her feminine senses? Do you think raunchy dirty talk will offend a woman? Do you think that women need to hear romantic thoughts and sweet dreams, rather than the naughty truth of your hottest desires? How to talk dirty to a woman is not all about flowers and happiness and … [Read more...]

How to Talk Dirty to a Man on Email

Talking dirty to a man on email is easier than you think! It's okay to be a bit tongue-tied in the beginning, because honestly, who jumps right into a dirty talk email without giving it some thought first? But there are a few steps that can make talking dirty to a man on email easy. Follow his lead. If he asks you questions about your sexual preferences, what you want … [Read more...]

A Blow Job – How to Give Head: Lick and Suck Your Way to Glory

A blow job is a wonderful thing.  For a guy! As such, it takes a certain level of finesse and technique to make it enjoyable for both of you.  A blow job is something that I always treated more as a playful teasing mechanism than one to actually get my guy off. However, since this isn’t the case for all, getting your man off via the mouth can be all sorts of nasty, dirty … [Read more...]

How to Talk Dirty to Your Boyfriend and Let Him Know You Want Sex

Sometimes it's hard to tell your lover what you really want. One of the biggest complaints of couples who have been together for a long time is that no one initiates sex anymore! When you're tired, under a lot of stress, or simply in a shy mood, it can feel almost impossible to tell your lover that you want sex - and you want it right now. … [Read more...]

How to Talk Dirty in the Bedroom

Talking dirty to your lover in the bedroom can be difficult for some. But if you are falling into bed together for the first time after a long-distance relationship or a phone-sex connection, it can be even more difficult. Learning to transition from the "explaining everything" aspect of phone sex to the "right here and right now" mentality can be tough on any … [Read more...]

How to Talk Dirty to Your Man

So you want to know how to talk dirty to your man? It's one of those questions that has two answers: The short one and the long one. Let's start with the short one first, shall we? How to talk dirty to your man? Just do it! Don't be shy about saying what you think and feel, and certainly don't hesitate to tell him what you want him to do to you. Men appreciate a woman … [Read more...]

How to Talk Dirty to Him

Are you ready to talk dirty to your brand-new partner, but you don't know where to start? Look at it this way: Men are usually quite happy to have you in bed with them, regardless of the words that come out of your mouth, so you probably can't go wrong with any kind of dirty talk! But if you are still worried about how you will sound and what he will love to hear, these … [Read more...]

How to Turn Dirty Talk into Everyday Fun

Talking dirty to your partner isn’t just about saying naughty things in the bedroom. It’s also about keeping that fire going when you are doing everyday things! Dirty talk can become everyday fun if you incorporate those naughty thoughts into the things you do on a regular basis. … [Read more...]

How To Go Down On A Woman

Cunnilingus. Such an ugly looking word for such a beautiful act.  People of all sorts (and I say ‘people’ for both men and women) enjoy participating in this wonderful deed. But how do you do it? How do you go down on a woman? … [Read more...]

3 Tips To Get You Talking Dirty During Sex

So you want to start talking dirty during sex? You know what it's like when you get caught up in the heat of the moment - you can hardly remember your own name, much less those cool dirty talk phrases you have been studying up on! You might wonder how in the world you are going to talk dirty to your partner when he's going down on you, and the thought of saying anything … [Read more...]

How To Get Your Man In The Mood

Need to get your man in the mood? It may sound impossible. Incredulous, perhaps, according to male folklore. But sometimes, your man may just not feel like getting laid. Barring the situations where the game is on, or the guys are over and it’s poker night, etc… a man can usually be a pretty easy beast to rile up and throw into the bed. Here are just a few pointers that … [Read more...]