Dirty Talking To Yourself While Masturbating

Don't you hate it when someone catches you talking to yourself? I especially hate it when they give me that "look." You know, the one that says I must have some loose marbles up there. Why do people always think you're crazy when they catch you discussing something with yourself? Talking dirty to yourself, now, that's another story. If you get caught talking to yourself … [Read more...]

6 Female Masturbation Techniques That Will Rock Your World

So you've read the last post and decided you want to give masturbation a try - good for you! You're not alone in deciding to jump-start your sex life, and it will be a great adventure for you and your partner. Learning to masturbate is all about what feels good, but as with anything else, sometimes a little primer is in order. So here's your primer. Read on, adventurous … [Read more...]

Dirty Talk Tips…In Music?

You bet! Dirty talk can be found almost anywhere, if only you know where to look. Some of those places might be well-hidden...for instance, take a look at your music collection. What are the songs that get your blood flowing? What songs turn you on? What tunes put you in the mood for sex? Read the lyrics to those songs. Have they used dirty talk in such a lyrical way … [Read more...]

More on Dirty Cyber!

Last week I promised you a bit more on the dirty talk while cybersex theme, and I'm here to deliver! When you're giving good cyber to your virtual partner, it's always a good idea to have a scenario in mind. Some of the hottest cybersex comes from having a dirty talk scenario in your head long before you ever sit down in front of the keyboard. What kind of scenarios … [Read more...]

How To Cybersex!

I remember the first time someone asked me to have cybersex. Our chats over the messenger program had gotten a little flirty, and soon he was asking what my favorite positions were, and what I liked to do in bed. The questions were exciting, and I found myself asking him all sorts of naughty things, too. Then he popped the question: Wanna cyber? At that point in my … [Read more...]

A Dirty Talk Date With A Sexy Stranger

You know the temptation. Don't you? The urge to walk up to that sexy stranger at the bar, the one who has had you mesmerized all night, and whisper something so naughty into his ear that he can't finish his drink. To shock him so deeply that he will turn around and stare at you, like you've been staring at him all night. To say something so dirty, so naughty, that you … [Read more...]

Bad Words Are Good

Do you want to talk dirty to your partner, but you’re not sure what to say? You’re not alone. The inhibition against dirty talk begins in childhood, when we’re told not to say certain words because they are “bad” or “naughty.” But by the time we become adults, dirty talk is something sexy, a taboo made all the more appealing by the fact that it’s forbidden. If you … [Read more...]

Dirty Texting: Tease With Mildly Erotic Texts….All Day!

Long gone are the days where you have to actually call your significant other at work if you want to say hi or tell them you’re sitting alone thinking very naughty thoughts. You don’t have to worry about interrupting a meeting or catching them while they’re on an important call when all you have to do is send a text to let them know what you’re thinking. Whether he’s in a … [Read more...]

How to Talk Dirty to Your Lover on the Internet

Talking dirty to your lover on the internet might seem redundant if you actually see each other often, or even live in the same house together. But it's worth giving it a shot! Even the most committed, strong relationships find themselves in need of a pick-up from time to time, and the internet can give you that option without ever having to leave the privacy of your … [Read more...]

How to Talk Dirty in Public

Do you think dirty talk is something that can only be done in the privacy of your bedroom? Think again! Talking dirty in public is not only possible, it's hot fun that can light the spark under a relationship. Here are a few tips for talking dirty in public: Keep it Discreet. Of course, talking dirty in public can be fun…but it can also get you into a lot of trouble if … [Read more...]

Sex, Dirty Talk, and Sex With Dirty Talk

Okay, so maybe you know how to talk dirty. Maybe you've said many a naughty thing in your lifetime. But talking about dirty sex is quite a different matter! Do you know how to talk about the kinkiest, sexiest things the imagination has to offer? The dirtiest, kinkiest sex can be the hardest to discuss when you're talking dirty, simply because it's so hard-core. Working … [Read more...]