What If Your Man Is Shy?

Can you imagine a man who is shy to talk dirty? You just might be surprised!

couple in bed about to have sexThere are many men out there who are shy to talk dirty for one reason or another. Perhaps they don’t have much experience with it, or perhaps they had a previous lover who preferred them to be quiet. They might be holding back because they are waiting to see what you have to say about the dirty talk situation. Still others might have been brought up with a very rigid view of sexuality. For them, dirty talk can be downright taboo.

If you have a shy man, it’s important to gauge where the dirty talk hang-ups are. Is it a religious connotation that has grown with him into adulthood? If so, you might not be able to change his views on talking dirty. If it’s a matter of not knowing what to say, or being conditioned by a former lover to simply stay silent, it can be overcome!

If you want to talk dirty, the first step is to ease into dirty talk. Each time you are in bed together, say things that are a little raunchier than the last time. Watch carefully for your lover’s reaction. Even if he doesn’t respond verbally, his body language will tell you whether couple-in-lovehe liked it or not. If your words seem to excite him, you can push a bit more. But if your words do just the opposite, back off a bit and wait until the sex is over before you carefully breach the subject of dirty talk.

Ask your partner what they are thinking and feeling when they hear naughty words come out of your mouth. Do they feel intimidated? Do they want to say something in return but don’t know what? Do they feel as though they can’t measure up, or that they don’t have the imagination for talking dirty?

If they are open to talking dirty but are just a bit unsure, this is actually a good thing — and you are in for so much fun! Teaching someone to talk dirty, and hearing their confidence grow through each hot session, can be a real turn-on. It can also make for hot student/teacher fantasy fodder.

But if your lover is very traditional and doesn’t like the idea of talking dirty, you might have a bit further to go to get their attention. If you can sit down and calmly talk about the differing views, that’s great — but if your lover is the shy type who really doesn’t like dirty talk, then you might have to question whether or not you should pursue it any further.

Most people will love dirty talk once they get into it — so give your shy guy every opportunity to practice his naughty skills!

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