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How to Talk Dirty While Having Sex

Imagine this – you and your partner are going at it hot and heavy in the bedroom. Suddenly, he asks you to talk dirty to him. While this is normally something you would love to do, you’re too overcome with pleasure to think straight. How do you talk dirty during sex when your mind – and body – are over the moon with desire?

It can seem almost impossible to keep up a constant train of thought when you’re in the midst of passion. Spinning a tale of fantasy with your words or even telling your partner what you really want right at that moment can take a supreme effort! Luckily, you don’t have to be prepared with mind-blowing dirty talk in the heat of the moment. With a few well-placed words, you can let go of your inhibitions and make your partner very happy, all because you know how to talk dirty.

Remember that dirty talk isn’t just about the words – it’s about the sounds, too. Moans, groans, cries, and even the quietest sighs are integral parts of your dirty talk arsenal. Using single words, like ‘please,’ ‘yes,’ and ‘don’t stop’ are all signs that you are very into what he’s doing to you. You can even use more hardcore words, the kind that might make you blush in any other situation – a breathless ‘fuck me’ or ‘stick it in me’ will work wonders on the man who is already turned on and raring to go.

If he really wants to hear something more than moans coming from you, go the question route. Ask him questions about what you’re doing together. For example, something as simple as “you like that, don’t you?” can be hot as hell when delivered in your sexiest, breathiest voice. And that sexy voice won’t be hard to find, since you’re in the middle of something very naughty already!

So if your man asks you to talk dirty in bed but you’re too far gone to think straight, don’t worry. Just amplify the sounds of your lovemaking, give him a few dirty words, and let him know with your actions just how much he’s turning you on. After all, there are few things sexier for a man than a woman in the heat of passion, and the knowledge that he was the one who took her there. It’s not all about knowing how to talk dirty, but it sure helps.

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