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How to Talk Dirty When You Speak Different Languages

Do you love that sweet Irish brogue? Does that Australian accent turn you on something fierce? Do you love that interesting British accent? How about just a deep southern drawl, straight from the lower U.S. states? If you love the sound of someone’s accent, you will probably adore hearing them speak naughty things to you in a different language.

It’s easy to understand someone with a thrilling accent…but when you speak English and he speaks Spanish, or when she speaks Chinese and don’t know a single word of the language, it can seem difficult to get the dirty talk mojo going.

Guess what? It’s easy. Here’s how.

It’s all the in voice. When you’re talking dirty to someone, words might not be necessary. You can convey so much with your whimpers, your moans, and your signs. When someone speaks a different language, you might not know what a certain word means, but you damn sure know what sounds like when someone has an orgasm, don’t you? The language of sexual pleasure is universal.

Teach each other the naughty goodness. Can you speak enough of the other person’s language to be able to communicate the basics? Can you tell them you want them? If you have a basic knowledge to draw from, you can learn to communicate the naughty stuff, too. Invest in a dictionary and learn the key phrases, both for normal conversation and for the naughty stuff. You might not find dirty talk words in conventional translation dictionaries, but you can find enough to get your point across – and the native speaker can fill in the blanks for you.

Find other ways to communicate. The internet is a great tool for communicating across language barriers. With translation software, you can understand what your partner is trying to say, and you can respond accordingly. Some translators will miss slang words or get some difficult words entirely wrong, but you will have enough knowledge to get the big picture. There are also translators that can be added to your phone, so be sure to check those out as well.

Let the internet add some spice. Why not show your foreign language partner what you want to do? Send photographs over the web. Those pictures will speak a thousand words – in any language!

Be patient. When your foreign language or accent fetish is strong enough, you will have the patience to see it through. Learn as much as you can, and sometimes opt to simply listen to your partner as they talk themselves through something down and dirty. The accent will turn you on, and the sounds of what they are doing will impress their words into your mind in such a way that you will probably never forget what they mean!

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