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How To Talk Dirty To Your Man On The Phone

In a world where everything moves fast and technology works hard to keep up, phone sex is becoming increasingly common. The days of 900 lines and laughing about those who turned to them are long gone – these days, most phone sex hookups happen between two consenting adults who met on the internet and want to continue the conversation, so to speak, by hearing the voice of the other person as they get it on and get off.

How do you initiate phone sex with a stranger? Here are a few tips to keep the fire hot and the awkwardness low.

Be Yourself. One of the most important parts of phone sex is to have fun and be yourself while doing it. If the person on the other end of the line doesn’t like who you are, well, that’s just fine…it’s only phone sex, and once you hang up the phone, it can be over if that’s what both of you want. So relax and don’t try to put on a persona that isn’t you…unless you’re roleplaying like mad, but we’ll get into that in a minute.

Start Slow and Build Up. Don’t jump right into the phone sex on the first call. Spend some time getting accustomed to your partner’s voice. Instead of jumping at the sex, start asking sexual questions that will get his attention. Ask about his favorite positions, his favorite sexual memory, and other questions to spark the fire. Once you’ve become more comfortable with each other, you can partake of the naughty goodness a more fully!

Use Traditional Scenarios. Is your phone sex partner into roleplaying? Give him what he wants! Stick with traditional scenarios at first – the nurse and the patient, the maid and the millionaire, the schoolgirl and the headmaster. You can even use places as scenarios – tell him to envision making it in the back of his car, or in his best friend’s bed, or right under his ex-girlfriend’s nose. Start with the easy scenarios and when you know him better, you can then throw in the kink!

Clear the Air. When it’s over, ask your partner what he thought. Remind him that this was just phone sex, you don’t know each other, and his comments matter. He will be more inclined to tell you the truth if he understands that you aren’t looking for praise, but for a learning lesson. In fact, that might be enough to prompt you both into round two!

Offer Another Session. Before you hang up the phone, let him know what you thought, too – and if you liked it, invite him to have another phone sex session with you. One of the best friends you will ever have is that constant phone sex buddy who loves to get off with you, so don’t hesitate to invite him to have another go if you both like what you heard.

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