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How to Talk Dirty to Your Man in Bed

There is a strange dirty talk phenomenon that happens to even the most seasoned talking dirty veteran from time to time – that tongue-tied moment when all the anticipation leads to the bedroom, and suddenly you haven’t the first clue what to say!

There are few things more frustrating than planning a dirty talk date with your man and then finding a blank slate when you try to think of what to say. Suddenly, all your comments sound forced and stilted. There are long stretches of silence. There is blushing, a bit of confusion, and maybe even disappointment.

What happened? You had so many great ideas! Then you walked through the bedroom door and all those careful plans fell to the wayside.

If you experience that tongue-tied moment, the best thing to do is relax. Remember that is happens to everyone, no matter how seasoned at dirty talk you are, and no matter how eager you are to try out your new dirty talk ideas. From time to time you will wind up with that “conversation block” that prevents you from saying what you want.

Relax, then take a few deep breaths. Maybe excuse yourself to the bathroom for a moment if you’re really embarrassed or unsure. Look in the mirror and talk to yourself – say those dirty words you want so badly to say to him. Give yourself a moment to rebuild your confidence before you strut back into the bedroom like a runway model with a naughty mouth!

The other option is honesty – and hope for a good laugh! Tell your partner that you had all kinds of naughty things to say but now you can’t think of a single thing. Tell him you feel like a shy little virgin again! Chances are your hot and horny guy is going to offer to give you a little help in the dirty talk department, and that will get everything jump-started again.

If nothing seems to work and your mind continues to be a blank slate, let it go until the next time. Make love to your partner and let whatever pops into your mind suffice. There is always another chance to break out the dirty talk that will blow his mind!

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  1. I completely agree. When I started talking dirty to my man in bed I found it helped to take deep breaths before I said anything.

    Also, when I exhale I say my dirty lines and it actaully makes a more passionate tone.

    Great site, I’m glad I found it!

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