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How to Talk Dirty To Your Lover – And Your Spouse!

One of the hottest dirty talk role playing scenarios is that of the cheating spouse. It’s especially popular among those spouses who are completely faithful to each other, but like the idea of a bit of spice. Their trust allows them to explore – and sometimes the hottest thing they can do is talk about an “encounter” with someone else, and tell their partner how good it felt to “cheat” on them.

How do you use dirty talk to make this fantasy scenario happen?

Begin by setting the stage. Have your spouse waiting in the bedroom when you walk in, your hair a mess, your clothes in disarray, and a flush of excitement on your face. Start telling your partner about what you did with someone else. You can start out shy and scared, as though you aren’t sure what they are going to think…then progress to excited and tell all the sordid details. Let your partner ask questions to make the event more realistic.

Take it further by showing your partner what you and your “lover” did. Ask your spouse to get into certain positions, and try to throw in things the two of you have never tried before. It adds to the allure of doing something “naughty” and reliving it with someone else. If the jealousy factor turns your spouse on, be sure to tell them where they are “lacking” in comparison to your lover. It might sound surprising to those who haven’t tried it, but this kind of comparison almost always brings out the animal in your spouse, and makes for a blow-your-mind sex session that you will not soon forget!

Don’t forget to use props, too. Show your spouse how your lover used a vibrator on you. Purchase lingerie or a man’s shirt from the store and spring it on your spouse as something that belongs to your “lover.” You can even spice things up further by using a different perfume or cologne, so you have the scent of your “lover” on you when you come home.

Does it sound strange to taunt your partner into sexual satisfaction? Many couples have found that the attraction to others is still strong long after they have married, but they are morally bound not to pursue it. The solution? To roleplay with their partner in order to satisfy those deepest fantasies.

The point is to fulfill a fantasy without actually going out to make it happen. The best fantasies are those that reside in the mind and are taken out only among loving, trusted partners – those who will not judge you for being in the mood for a bit of kink. You can take on the persona of anyone, you can share any fantasy at all, and your partner is the one who will see it through.

Are you ready to try this kind of role playing with your partner? Show them this blog post and ask them what they think. With a little luck, you could be enjoying your spouse and your “lover” by the end of the night!

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