How to Talk Dirty to Your Lover on the Internet

dirty internet chatTalking dirty to your lover on the internet might seem redundant if you actually see each other often, or even live in the same house together. But it’s worth giving it a shot! Even the most committed, strong relationships find themselves in need of a pick-up from time to time, and the internet can give you that option without ever having to leave the privacy of your laptop.
Start out by leaving something interesting in his inbox.

Write a short note telling him exactly what you want to do to him when you see each other again – and describe it in detail. Once you get his response, perhaps ask him if he wants to talk on instant messenger. You can continue to send naughty emails back and forth, but instant messenger gets the heat fired up much faster!

When you talk to your lover on the internet, you can be anyone you want to be. He sees you every day as the person he comes home to or the person he dates – but what if you surprised him with an online persona that is more sensual, more outlandish, or even shocking? He knows it’s you – but it’s a new and fabulous side of you!

Find out what turns your lover and on capitalize on it. Does he love taking you to strip clubs with him? In the internet world, become a stripper who lavishes sensual attention on him. Does he enjoy the thought of having more than one woman? Invite him into your lair where you and your friends enjoy all the things he has to offer. Spin a fantasy that you know he will love, and shock him with your new, uninhibited side.

When you do see him again, carry the fantasy forward. Meet him at the door dressed in those stripper heels, or give him a wink and ask him if he would like to be tied up while more than one woman takes a shot at him. (Hint: There doesn’t actually have to be another woman in your bedroom! You can act out the fantasy with a wide variety of sexual toys.)
Your lover will enjoy talking dirty to you on the internet, especially if that modem is the key to unleashing the parts of you that he had only dreamed about before now!

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