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How to Talk Dirty to Your Boyfriend and Let Him Know You Want Sex

Sometimes it’s hard to tell your lover what you really want. One of the biggest complaints of couples who have been together for a long time is that no one initiates sex anymore! When you’re tired, under a lot of stress, or simply in a shy mood, it can feel almost impossible to tell your lover that you want sex – and you want it right now.

How do you talk dirty to your boyfriend and let him know you want sex? You can actually do this without launching into hard-core dirty talk! In fact, you can do it without much overt dirty talk at all – and that’s good news for those who are shy about asking for sex in the first place.

Start by setting the mood. Light candles, dress the bed in comfortable sheets and lots of pillows, and make yourself look sexy – wear something you know he will like, spray perfume in all the right places, and be ready with a sultry smile. When it comes to telling him exactly what you want, you can whisper into his ear that you want to “relax” in the bedroom, or you are in the mood to “lie down and cuddle.” Those things are almost certain to lead to other things!

You can talk dirty to your boyfriend by talking dirty with normal, everyday words. Take his hand and slide it down to where you want it, look him in the eye, and say, “Please?” Or press your body against him and tell him, “Sweep me away.” Telling him with words and body will open up the gates to anything you might want to say – and you’re asking in a way that lets even the shyest person make the first move!

There are many ways to get your lover’s attention. Tell your boyfriend you are at home, in bed, waiting for him. Or ask him when he’s going to get home, and tell him there’s something “hot” waiting there – and it’s getting hotter! When you’re alone together, whisper what you want to say into his ear. Whether it’s subtle or coarse, whispering the words is usually easier than just saying them out loud.

When you’re in the midst of lovemaking, you can tell your boyfriend what you want by moving his hand where you want it, or moving your body in a way that tells him he’s doing something right. Of course, once you’re in the heat of passion, the dirty talk will be easier, and you can tell your boyfriend what you really want without risking embarrassment or shyness.

Easing into dirty talk is the key for those who are shy – so use a few of these tips and see how easy it can be!

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