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How to Talk Dirty to Women in Bed

Many posts on this blog have to do with talking dirty to men, but trust me, we haven’t forgotten about the women in our midst! Talking dirty to your woman is quite the same as talking dirty to a man – and sometimes it can get so down and dirty, it can make any man tongue-tied.

Far too often women are seen as the delicate sex, the ones who have to be protected. Even in our enlightened times it is not uncommon to hear a man curb his enthusiasm for all things dirty when a woman is nearby. In some cases it is a matter of respect, but there is often an underlying sense of propriety as well. How many times have you heard a man tell those around him to keep it calm because “there is a lady present”?

Surprise, guys – we ladies are just as naughty as you are, if not even more so! All those years of sexual repression have resulted in the women you see before you today, the ones who go to dirty talk forums to get new ideas, the girls who break out the naughty language you love so much, the women who know what they want and are willing to do what it takes to get it.

The next time you’re in a naughty situation with a woman who is game for anything, break out your best dirty talk on her. If you want to start out subtle and let her lead the way, that’s just fine. The cool thing about women who know what they want is that we have no problem with telling you exactly how far that steamy dirty talk can go! If she’s giving it just as good as you are, it’s safe to say she’s not a shrinking wallflower or a prim-and-proper prude. In fact, you are likely to hear things come out of your woman’s mouth that you might have never considered before.

“Damn, that’s creative!” just might be the best compliment you could give us!

Just as with men, some women have preferences about what they want to hear. Certain things turn them on in bed, while other things might turn them off. If you are in doubt, the best thing to do is just flat-out ask her. Women love it when men actually ask them what they want instead of trying to guess, and she will welcome the opportunity to tell you. If she says, “I like the word ‘pussy’ but I don’t like the word ‘cunt’,” then it’s time to change your vocabulary to fit what she likes to hear. She would do the same for you.

The bottom line is this: Don’t be afraid to get all down and dirty and nasty with the womenfolk. If you could see inside our heads, you would be stunned at the sexy thoughts we have…so it’s safe to say that if she’s looking at you with that gleam in her eye and offering you a night of passion, she’s probably okay with more than a little steamy dirty talk, too.

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