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How to Talk Dirty to Him

Are you ready to talk dirty to your brand-new partner, but you don’t know where to start? Look at it this way: Men are usually quite happy to have you in bed with them, regardless of the words that come out of your mouth, so you probably can’t go wrong with any kind of dirty talk! But if you are still worried about how you will sound and what he will love to hear, these tips on how to talk dirty to him should help:

Don’t be afraid to go hardcore. Right out of the box, hardcore will light the fire — fast. If you aren’t afraid to whisper exactly what you want into his ear, in the raunchiest words you can muster, he will know you’re the open-minded kind of woman who wants to get it on in the dirtiest ways possible. Nothing will turn a man on faster than a lady who knows how to make good on her dirty talk!

Ask him what he wants. Does he like the thought of the virginal schoolgirl or the filthy little slut? Whatever he wants, invite him to share that fantasy with you. By asking him what he wants, you open the door to his many fantasies, and that is hot for anyone. Only one caveat: Be prepared to give him what he wants, even if it is something you don’t necessarily enjoy all the time. After all, you did ask!

Build it up. Don’t just talk dirty. Act dirty, too. Tell him how much you want to get him alone, all the while nibbling on that cherry from your drink. Lick your lips as you look him up and down. Give him every indication that your thoughts are just as hot as your words are.

Watch his reactions. When you land on something that turns him on, make good on it by using different variations of the same thing. Is he really in the mood for oral sex? He will let you know with his actions when you mention the subject. Bring it up again a few minutes later in a different context. Before you reach the bedroom, he will be expecting a great oral session — so be sure to give it to him!

Always practice what you preach. Don’t build up to something you won’t deliver. If you’re not into a certain position, don’t tease or taunt him about it. If he brings it up, change the subject or come up with something even hotter. The best tease always knows that giving it up at the end is what makes the chase worthwhile, so make sure you can put your money where your mouth is, so to speak.

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