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How to Talk Dirty to Guys

So you aren’t sure how to talk dirty to guys? It’s actually easier than you might think. You’ve probably heard that guys are easy to begin with — whether that’s true or not depends on the guy, of course, but it’s a safe bet that all guys can be turned on quickly with the right kind of dirty talk. The key is in finding out what kind of dirty talk your guy likes!

Soft and Romantic. For the man who likes it gentle in bed, soft and romantic is the way to go. Consider using very vague word, such as “there” and “here” and “do you like that?” Don’t get specific until you know what kinds of words are okay and which ones are definite no-nos. You will learn very quickly what kind of talk this guy likes, because if you cross the line, the look on his face will speak volumes.

Fantasy and Roleplaying. Sometimes men love to stay in a rich fantasy world, and they want their woman to go there with them. If he’s into serious roleplaying games and fantasy, you can say almost anything that comes to mind, as long as it fits in with the fantasy you are both playing out. If he’s the King of the Manor or the servant sent to please you, the Queen, just keep it to the point of the fantasy and you cannot go wrong.

Hardcore Naughty. Some men like to get a bit more hardcore. They like to be called names, and they like to do the same to you. They might like to get into more intense scenarios and talk to you about deeper fantasies, such as threesomes or orgies. The hardcore boys will be happy with your filthy mouth and will encourage you to get even dirtier.

Ultra-Hardcore. These guys will want you to talk to them in a way you’ve never talked to anyone else before. They will want to explore fetish fantasies that might be in the extreme category. Anything you say goes — and in fact, the usual dirty talk won’t be enough for these brave fellows. They will require the hardcore filth that might even make you a bit uncomfortable — but if you can get past that, it’s a sure bet they are the hottest act you will ever see in the bedroom.

A Little of Everything. Most men will be a mix of everything, depending upon the mood of the moment. They might like it soft and romantic one night, and be ready for some hardcore action the next. These men are the ones who will love to explore anything and everything with you, so get ready for some fun!

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