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How to Talk Dirty to Boys at the Club

You know the feeling of seeing a boy that you really want, a man who just sets your heart on fire, and you want to be with him so badly, you can almost taste his cologne. A man like that is enough to make a girl want to talk dirty!

Talking dirty to a man at the club is easier than you might think. It’s not all about the words you use, but about how you present them.

Start with the flirt. Show him you want him by making eye contact, then giving him a coy smile. Look away only after a long, lingering glance. If that doesn’t make him come over to get more acquainted, pull out a few more tricks. Lean against the bar or lean back in your chair to show off your womanly assets. Cross your legs and stroke your thigh gently with your hand while you smile at him. When you walk across the room, put a little sassy bounce in your step. Feel sexy, and you will look sexy!

Once you get his attention, it’s time for the small talk. You can use the direct route and whisper exactly what you want into his ear, but many men prefer the subtle game of cat and mouse. Start talking about sensual things, such as how good the sun felt on your skin at the beach today, or how that sip of your drink goes down smooth. Talk about things that can potentially have a double meaning!

If you want to take the direct approach, tell him how much you want to see him somewhere other than the club…like in your bed, perhaps. Tell him how much you love to hear a low, sexy voice on the line as you hand him your phone number. Ask him if he wants to brush up on his bedroom skills. Say these things with a smile and direct eye contact, so he knows you mean business.
And then walk away. You set it all up for him – if he wants to pursue it, now he knows he can. The dirty talk you give him at the club will be enough to sell him on whatever else you’ve got going!

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