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How to Talk Dirty to a Woman

Do you believe that how to talk dirty to a woman includes soft, flowery language designed for her feminine senses? Do you think raunchy dirty talk will offend a woman? Do you think that women need to hear romantic thoughts and sweet dreams, rather than the naughty truth of your hottest desires?

How to talk dirty to a woman is not all about flowers and happiness and light. Talking dirty to a woman is all about being raunchy and letting your bad boy out!

But that doesn’t mean you should just jump into the dirty talk pool and whip out your naughtiest comments when you first meet the woman of your dreams. Women do like some romance, and telling her your kinkiest fantasy is something that should be saved for the moment she’s ready to hear it. If she’s out looking for a good time and nothing more, she might welcome your kinky ideas along with a nice adult beverage. If she’s not the “pick up and hook up” type, then you might need to exercise a bit of finesse before you both swing from the chandeliers.

How do you do that? Simple… you start slow. Begin with a compliment or three. Tell her what you like about her appearance, and once you get to know her a bit better, tell her what you like about her personality. Then tell her how much you would like to get to know her better – that’s making it clear that you’re interested. If she responds in a positive light, make your comments increasingly sensual until you know she’s open to how you talk dirty.

Once she’s there, watch her reactions to what you say. If you whisper into her ear how you would love to take her home and tie her up and ravish her body, what does she do? If she leans into you and purrs into your ear, you’ve got permission to go further. If she giggles uncomfortably and pulls away from you, you’ve reached the limit of what she wants to hear at that point in time. You can adjust your “game” accordingly.

The worst mistake you can make is believing that women are delicate flowers who have to be handled as such. Nothing could be further from the truth! Women love sex, and many like especially naughty sex, the kind that fulfills the inner bad girl and makes her beg for more. Learn how to talk dirty to a woman by dropping your inhibitions, and then revel in the naughty things she might have in store for both of you!

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