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How to Talk Dirty to a Perfect Stranger

Sometimes, you just get in the mood to talk dirty to someone, whether it’s that guy sitting at the bar or that girl dancing at the club. But you don’t quite know how to approach them! How can you just walk up to someone and say that you’re horny, and you want someone to talk dirty with? Do you just walk up to them and tell them how much they turn you on?

You could do exactly that, if you were brave enough. Simply walk up to someone and tell them how hot you think they are, and that you want to talk dirty to them while you think about doing the nasty. Some people will be turned on by this – others, however, want something a bit more subtle.

So where do you begin?

Start by projecting an air of confidence. When you walk up to that person, do it with your chest puffed out and your head held high. Confidence is the first thing that will get you noticed, so start there. When you do have their attention, stand close to them and speak in a low tone, so they have to lean forward to hear you. Better yet, whisper directly into their ear.

Tell them you love what you see, and that you want to get to know them better. Tell them that you would love to go someplace where you could talk without interruption. Ask them if they know of any such place like that, and if they seem to balk at leaving the area you’re in, tell them that you can say all you want to right there – if that’s okay with them, of course.

Assuming they want you to go on, you now have an open door, and you can tell them exactly what you think and what you want. Your dirty talk can be easy and sweet, or blunt and explicit, depending on the mood of the moment and the vibe you are getting from the person in question.

And then…you wait. And if they want to reciprocate, they will do so immediately. If they don’t, you can move on to the next person who looks like a great dirty talk candidate.

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