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How to Talk Dirty to a Man on Email

Talking dirty to a man on email is easier than you think! It’s okay to be a bit tongue-tied in the beginning, because honestly, who jumps right into a dirty talk email without giving it some thought first? But there are a few steps that can make talking dirty to a man on email easy.

Follow his lead. If he asks you questions about your sexual preferences, what you want to talk about, or how you might handle doing a dirty deed of some kind, it’s safe to say that he’s ready to hear what is going through your naughty mind. If he seems to back off or mentions that you are talking to him on his work email, it’s time to lay low for a bit until he gives you some sign that he wants more dirty talk.

Start with the erotic. Instead of telling him how badly you want to jump his bones, start talking about the weather, and how those rainy days make you feel…or how you would love to be riding in a car with the top down, the leaves blowing down from the trees during the height of autumn, with his hand on your thigh. Conjure up sweet, romantic images…and then let him lead you from there if he wants to talk about something a bit more hardcore.

Make it a story. When you are talking dirty, don’t just tell him what you will do to him. Make it a story in which he takes part. Write a bit of what you might do, something very light yet open to something more, and then ask him what he would like to see next. His response might tell you which direction to take. You can easily stretch an erotic email exchange through dozens of emails before you get to the steamy grand prize.

Don’t give it all up. Does he seem to expect steamy emails from you but isn’t responding in kind? You don’t have to put up with that. Either back off a bit or gently tell him that you would like to hear about his fantasies, too. If he says he doesn’t have time, don’t believe that…he has time to read your emails, doesn’t he? And your time is just as valuable as his. You need a lover who will meet you halfway, even if that means via email, so don’t let him get away with getting off and not doing anything in return!

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