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How to Talk Dirty Subjects

When the subject of dirty talk comes up, so many people just don’t know what to say! It’s not that they are shy or even that they don’t have experience with dirty talk. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of not knowing what particular subject would best fit the mood of the moment.

Here are a few ideas for dirty talking subjects:

If you are in bed with your honey and you’re on your knees, you could look over your shoulder, wink at him, and tell him you’ve been a very bad girl. Don’t bad girls deserve a spanking? You’ve just opened the door to role playing that he will never forget!

If you are in the car with your lover, headed to a destination where you absolutely will not be able to sneak away for a little naughtiness, make him yearn for it by turning up the dirty talk heat. Tell him how you will be watching him throughout the evening, especially to see if there is anything hard going on in his shorts – and tell him you’re already wet and hot for him. From time to time during the evening, whisper a few naughty tales into his ear.

Does your lover like to be tied up? If he’s in the submissive mood, approach him with a pair of handcuffs and tell him what you’re going to do to him while he’s tied to the bed. Make a game of it – you’re his captor, he’s the hostage. “Force” him to endure the delicious tortures you devise. Stay in character and issue commands to him. “Don’t you dare come” is the one that he will find hardest to obey!

If he has a particular fantasy, choose one night and play it up! If he has a fantasy about being with more than one woman, make it “happen” by tying him to a chair, blindfolding him, and then changing your voice and your attitude to reflect the different “women” he’s going to have. For the first woman, be dominant and demanding. For the second, be sweet and shy. Change it up until he’s so hot, he doesn’t know which woman turns him on more.

A final tip for how to talk dirty subjects: Whatever turns him on will work if you talk dirty about it! If he loves the idea of sex outside in the backyard, murmur into his ear about the feeling of the grass against his bare skin, or the sunlight shining down on your naked bodies. If he loves the thought of sex in the car, ask him if he can feel the leather against his ass, and does he think he could drive while you ride?

Listen carefully to what he tells you, and then use it as another weapon in your dirty talk arsenal!

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