How to Talk Dirty in Public

public dirty talkingDo you think dirty talk is something that can only be done in the privacy of your bedroom? Think again! Talking dirty in public is not only possible, it’s hot fun that can light the spark under a relationship. Here are a few tips for talking dirty in public:

Keep it Discreet. Of course, talking dirty in public can be fun…but it can also get you into a lot of trouble if you’re not discreet. The point in hot dirty talk in public is that your partner knows what you are trying to get across, but nobody else does. The secret is the spice!

Keep it Short and Sweet. When you are ready to talk dirty in public, keep your comments short and sweet. This is not the time to go into a long spiel about your latest fantasy. This is when you use short and hot phrases that will make your lover blush!

If you can use the conversation around you or the place you’re in to spark the dirty talk, all the better. If someone makes a comment that is meant to be totally innocent but could sound totally naughty to someone with a mind for that kind of thing, look at your partner with a raised eyebrow and repeat the comment, with special emphasis on the naughtiest bits.

Choose a Place Least Expected. Dirty talk in a strip club is expected…but at the family reunion? How naughty! Dirty talk in public should happen where your lover doesn’t expect anything out of the ordinary. You can talk dirty at the movies, at the softball game, or even while walking through the mall. The fact that it isn’t expected ups the heat factor.

Have a Plan. Be ready with a good excuse – or a shy smile – if someone catches you talking dirty. What you say might be overheard by someone else, despite your best of intentions. If you get caught in the midst of dirty talk, give your accuser that megawatt smile and be prepared to mosey on out the door to avoid further embarrassment.

Use Your Props. Finally, what do you have on hand? Are you at a pool party where you can make suggestive motions while in the water? Are you drinking something with an olive you can suckle? What props around you could be turned into sexual innuendo? Use what you have to highlight your dirty thoughts…and soon your dirty talk will be coming fast and easy, and you won’t be able to wait to get back home!

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